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Company Brief introduction

Time Lincoln Co., LTD., is a professional study abroad consulting service company composed of a team with more than 10 years of high-end entrepreneur education and training experience, focusing on undergraduate and master's study abroad application and study abroad service in Singapore. It has been committed to the education industry of entrepreneurs and managers for a long time. Adhere to the hum...

Our Advantages

The B-War study abroad program is rich and comprehensive, and has established a solid foundation of cooperation with multiple local private universities in Singapore. Private schools such as KAPLAN, PSB, JCLU, MDIS, SIM, CURTIN, Raffles College of Music, London University of the Arts, Royal College of Music, etc. are all authorized units to sign contracts, providing good academic resources for Chinese students for a long time, and studying at the top 200 universities globally in Singapore. Adhere to introducing the unique advantages of high ranking, short duration, and low cost to Chinese parents.
times lincoln ltd.
The B-war study abroad team has access to real-time study abroad information, especially regarding Singapore's education system, institutional strength, and application

We have a comprehensive and profound understanding of the rules and the current situation of international students, and have the ability to provide professional study abroad services

Students should avoid detours on their way to study abroad!

Time Lincoln provides you with school selection planning, document customization, online application submission, interview counseling, visa counseling, and more

A series of professional and comprehensive services, allowing you to move forward on the road of studying abroad without worry!
times lincoln ltd.

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Headquarters address:2106, Building A3, Poly Dadu Hui, Hanxi Avenue East, Panyu District, Guangzhou

Singapore Company Address:14 ROBINSON ROAD #02-01 FAR EAST FINANCE BUILDING SINGAPORE (048545)

times lincoln ltd.