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Visa Service

Entrance Tutor

Safeguarding Singapore international students throughout the journey

1V1Academic Tutoring

forge Study abroad circle

  • Pleasant Run Club
  • Golf club
  • Travel club
  • Fitness club
  • Game club
  • Famous teachers share lectures
  • Senior brothers/senior sisters to share
  • Exchange and share business plans
  • Internship enterprise field visit
  • Benchmarking enterprises visit
  • Campus Open Day visit

Whychoose us

As a brand of Times Lincoln, a high-end education and training company in Singapore, we have a comprehensive and profound understanding of Singapore's education system, the strength of institutions, application rules and the current situation of international students, and have the strength to provide professional overseas study services. At the back end, we provide landing care, tutoring, exchange summit, career development planning and other services to help international students grow better!


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