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School Overview

Founded in 1905, the National University of Singapore is Singapore's oldest and most prestigious university and Asia's premier institution of higher learning. The predecessor of the National University can be traced back to the establishment of the King Edward VII School of Medicine in 1905 and the establishment of Raffles College in 1927. The two colleges merged to form the University of Malaya in 1949 and were renamed the University of Singapore in 1962. In August 1980, the University of Singapore and Nanyang University, established in 1956, were formally merged to form the National University of Singapore. The University has 11 colleges offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs, 1,700 doctoral and postdoctoral experts and scholars, and 500 researchers.

There are two main residential areas on the campus. One is Prince George's Park Residence (PGP) and the other is U town(think Graduate hall or Graduate Residence). NUS also has a bukit timah campus. It is home to the law School and the Lee Kuan Yew School of Policy. Kent Ridge is still the main campus, so most of the people would be here. PGP is inhabited by undergraduates and married graduate students. Some exchange students will also be placed in PGP. Other single graduate students, I don't think they can live in PGP. However, it's OK not to live, PGP's single dormitory can not compare to U town. The room is small.

The National University of Singapore is a public university under the Ministry of Education of Singapore. Located in Kent Ridge in the southwest of Singapore Island, the campus covers an area of 150 hectares, and the layout of the buildings is based on the trend of the mountains. The campus is adjacent to a number of science and technology parks, such as Singapore Science Park I and II, Keio Biomedical Research Park and Keio Information Media Park. There is Internet in all directions on the campus of the National University, and the backbone speed can reach 24GB per second. 35,000 wired Internet jacks and 400 wireless Internet transmitters allow teachers and students to get first-hand real-time information at any time, anywhere in school. The University's Central Library, Chinese Library, Medical Library, Science Library, Xu Yunchun Law Library, and Han Ruisheng Memorial Library have a total of 1,228,130 volumes, 62,345 members, and 1.22 million loans per year.

The language of instruction at the National University of Singapore is English, and it adopts Anglo-American style generalist education. She adopted the credit system and the bidding course selection system, and guided students to choose courses according to their interests. She adopted the British 5-point system and the honours degree system, awarding different levels of undergraduate degrees based on the students' Cumulative Average Points (CAP). In addition to engineering, medicine and a few other majors, the undergraduate period of study is generally three years, excellent results can be added one year to obtain an honorary degree. Undergraduate degrees are divided into First Class Honours, Second Class First Class Honours, Second Class Second Class Honours, Third Class Honours, Pass etc. A good honours degree is often linked to a higher starting salary for employment, which also greatly increases students' motivation to study. Students are encouraged to participate in internships or exchange programs in their third year of undergraduate studies to lay the foundation for employment or further study. Graduate and doctoral students usually have two supervisors, one in their department and one in a related institute or even in a private enterprise. The close combination of theory and practice makes graduates from various faculties of the National University of Singapore highly sought-after in the job market. In addition to study and research, students are encouraged to participate in various extracurricular activities, such as clubs, volunteers, interest groups, etc. In Singapore, the level of CCA points and academic performance are both the reference criteria for employers when hiring.

Institutional advantages

The main campus of the National University of Singapore is located in Kent Ridge, located in the southwest of Singapore, 12 kilometers from the city center, 30 minutes from the eastern suburbs of Changi Airport (Changi Airport), for the high bumpy hilly terrain, the school is free bus as the main mode of transportation. The campus is bounded to the north by the AYE Highway, to the South by Pasir Panjang Rd, to the west by Clementi Rd and to the east by South Buona Vista Rd. The 150-hectare campus is the former British Colonial Air Base at Pasir Panjang in Singapore. The campus is roughly divided into two parts, the front for the school district, administrative buildings, and recreational facilities; The rear is mainly the research institute and student apartments, and within the campus, any two buildings can be connected through corridors and empty Bridges without leaving the shelter. The campus is close to the Singapore Science Park, the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) and the National University Hospital, and the research conditions are very convenient. The campus is south of the Brazilian container port of Banjean, which can overlook the scenery of the port area.

Another NUS campus is located on the premises of the Bukit Timah Chian Institute of Education, which opened in September 2006. The Faculty of Law and the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy began operating from the Bukit Timah Campus, with free in-house shuttle bus links between the two campuses.

The university's third campus, located in Outram Park, is the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, which was founded in 2007 by Duke University and the National University of Singapore. Adjacent to Singapore General Hospital.

Enrollment major

The National University of Singapore has a wide range of disciplines, including humanities and social sciences, science, engineering, business, law, architecture, computer science, Yeung Luoling School of Medicine and Yeung Siew Toh School of Music. There are also research institutes such as the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy and the East Asian Institute. The campus is also home to the Temasek Institute of Life Sciences (TLL) and advanced research institutes such as the Institute of Data Storage (DSI), Institute of Information (I2R), Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE), Institute of Molecular Cell Biology (IMCB), and Centre for Quantum Science and Technology (CQT), which belong to the Singapore Agency for Science, Technology and Research.

Department specialty

Academy of Literary and Social Sciences

School of law

Business school

College of science

Quantum technology center

School of engineering

School of Computer science

School of Design and Environment

Dental school

Yang Luling Medical College

Yang Xiutao Conservatory of Music

School of Public Health

The National College Erudite Program

National University College

Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy

Graduate School of Integrated Science and Engineering, National University

Duke - Graduate School of Medicine

Application conditions

National university undergraduate application

To apply, the college entrance examination score of the current or previous high school graduates exceeds the local score of more than 100 points, have IELTS 6 or SAT scores, and pass the written test and interview held by the national university in China, can be admitted.

Way 2, to Singapore to participate in the A-Level exam, as long as the student is at least 17 years old can participate in this exam, there is no requirement for academic qualifications and college entrance examination results, to apply for national universities with A-Level exam results. There are two ways you can choose the one that suits you.

High school graduate under 25 years old; Excellent college entrance examination results, TOEFL600 or above or Cambridge "A" level results.

Tuition fees range from $13,000 to $16,000 per year for general studies, and more expensive for medical studies.

Major: Architecture, Environmental Engineering, Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Engineering, Law, Business Administration, Accounting, Medicine, Dentistry, Social Sciences, Art, Chinese, Historical Geography, Economics, Biological engineering, etc.

National university graduate application

Graduate students are divided into academic research ByResearch and taught Bycoursework, with each type accepting applications from Part-Time and Full-Time students. Generally speaking, all foreign applicants who are working and living in Singapore can only apply for full-time graduate studies.

Application conditions

1. 211 Project universities in China, with an average score of more than 80 points;

2. Or non-211 project universities with an average score of 85 or above;

3. Ielts 6.5 is required in English;

4. A diploma or bachelor's degree in a related field is required.

Tuition fees of all kinds of professional fees are not exactly the same, general engineering, science, humanities and social science tuition fees are 36,000 New dollars a year, MBA or other business classes are slightly higher, about 40,000-50,000 New dollars, if students enjoy policy grants, about 29,950 new dollars per year.

About National University of Singapore Scholarships

Undergraduate students can participate in the government program, the government subsidizes tuition fees, and stay in a new job for 6 years after graduation

Postgraduate students apply for stipends, tuition fees are free

PhD students apply for scholarships of SGD 2000-2500 / month, tuition fees are free

Postgraduate Scholarship program - Graduates of key domestic universities can apply, TOEFL> 600 points, GRE> 2000 points, (GPA> 3.0)


Undergraduate scholarship

Undergraduate scholarship in science and technology

Undergraduate scholarships in Science and Technology are available to outstanding new students from Asian countries (excluding Singapore).

Any student from an accepted Asian country can apply for this scholarship, and no additional application is required.

The applicant must:

Citizens of Asian countries, excluding Singapore

Strong leadership skills and potential

Excellent track record of co-op course activities

Excellent high school grades

He is a full-time undergraduate student in computer technology, engineering, science (including medicine) at the National University of Singapore

Benefits of Scholarship

Free of tuition (educational subsidy) and compulsory fees

An annual living allowance of $6,000

A one-time settlement allowance of $200 upon admission

An annual accommodation allowance equivalent to the cost of at least two quarters

The ticket fee for the first visit to Singapore and the airfare for the final departure from Singapore upon completion of the course

Terms and Conditions

Applicants for the scholarship are Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computing (Business Analysis), Computing (Computer Science courses), Computing (Information Systems courses), Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering, Engineering Science, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Studies (Environmental Biology majors only), Industrial and Systems Engineering, Materials Department

Students of engineering, mechanical engineering and science (including medicine).

Applicants are full-time students attending regular classes

The scholarship recipients (scholars) are required to purchase a six-year bond from a registered company in Singapore.

Applicants shall not be eligible for any other scholarship, scholarship, bursary or grant without the approval of the University.

Applicants for this scholarship will be required to achieve a good grade point average of at least 3.5 points per semester offered by the scholar.

We do not guarantee employment for applicants upon graduation.

If the applicant decides to withdraw from the University or prematurely terminates the scholarship, the University reserves the right to reimburse all scholarships awarded to the scholar.

Scholarships applicable to postgraduate research programmes and their respective faculties

1 National University of Singapore Research Scholarships are awarded to graduate students who are pursuing a higher level of study in a research program prepared for study.

2 The President's Graduate Scholarships are awarded to students who have demonstrated exceptional research commitment or achievement.

Available in all faculties

3 The Lee Kwong Chian Graduate Scholarship is awarded to the latest class of doctoral students who have excellent academic performance, leadership and service spirit.

Available in all faculties

4 Commonwealth Scholarships are awarded to research excellence graduate students from Commonwealth countries.

Available in all faculties

5 NGS Scholarships

Graduate School of Science and Engineering, National University of Singapore

6 SMART Graduate Scholarship

College of science

School of engineering

Yang Luling Medical College

7 Singapore International Postgraduate Award (SINGA)

College of science

School of engineering

School of Computer science

Yang Luling Medical College

8 SAP Industry Doctoral Scholarship Program

School of Computer Science.

Scholarships applicable to graduate degree programs and their faculties

1 Asian Development Bank - Japan Scholarship

Business school

2NUS- APEC Scholarship

Business school

Scholarships applicable to postgraduate degrees and research programmes and their respective faculties

1 LBKM-THK Social Service Award Bursary

College of Arts and Social Sciences

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