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School Overview

Singapore University of Technology and Design (Singapore University of Technology and Design) is Singapore's fourth public university, established in 2011 by the Singapore government in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Zhejiang University (China), located in the eastern Changi district.

Institutional advantages

With a stay at Singapore Holland Student Residence in the Central district, you'll be a 5-minute walk from Holland Village. Convenient location nearby shopping centers, 24-hour supermarkets and bars, cafes, restaurants and more. Equipped with good facilities and services. Our experience, friendliness and management team will make your stay in Singapore enjoyable and comfortable.

Enrollment major

Our undergraduate program offers you a unique range of courses, pedagogies, different courses and activities with the aim of giving you solid skills in the fields of science and design in order to better serve the needs of society.

Unique curriculum and teaching methods

1. Focus on modern technology rather than traditional disciplines

Our curriculum is advanced while respecting and enhancing the traditional emphasis on mathematics and science foundations. We offer degrees in four specializations, which involve design and technology

Leadership and innovative thinking.

The four degrees cover the following areas

Architecture and sustainable design

Engineering product development

Engineering systems and design

Information system technology and design

After three semesters of basic courses, you can choose one of these majors.

2. Design-centric education

Design at SUTD is everywhere. It covers all solid design skills, including products, processes, services and systems, involving the complete value chain from concept, development, prototyping, marketing, manufacturing, profitability, maintenance to promote students' sustainability.

3. Practical approach to learning

Theory comes from life and you will experience a combination of practical and interactive learning methods. Put questions to small lectures, video lectures, group readings, hands-on demonstrations, and designettes to explore different ideas on a topic.

Step 4 Intern

We have strong links with local and international companies and offer internship opportunities that combine practical experience with on-campus learning. The knowledge, skills and contacts gained during the internship will be very useful when you decide on your future career.

5. Career services

The program is fully supported by our dedicated team of career advisors. We have a plan to prepare you for your internship and interview. Join us, visit our careers list and discover the careers available to you.

6. Business Plan

If your dream is to start a new business, don't miss our entrepreneurship program. You will be equipped with a solid social and scientific and technical strength, which will influence the systematic understanding of the various necessary decisions and activities throughout the start-up process.

MIT-SUTD dual Master's program

The MIT-SUTD Dual Master's programme is a collaboration between the Singapore University of Technology and Design and MIT. The program is designed to support talented people who seek to continuously stimulate their potential in the fields of design and technology.

Course details

This is a full-time course for a total of two years. Students will spend one year at MIT and one year at SUTD. Upon completion, students will receive graduate degrees from two universities.

Students will spend 9 to 13 months at MIT, where they will gain lifelong knowledge from teachers with extensive teaching and research experience. Here's what this dual degree program looks like:

The Master of Engineering program in Civil and Environmental Engineering focuses on one of four directions:

Environmental and Water quality Engineering

Geotechnical engineering

High performance structure


Advanced Master of Manufacturing and Design Engineering

The Systems Design and Management program is a Master of Science degree in Engineering and Management

The Integrated Design and Management program is a Master of Science degree in Engineering and Management

Supply Chain Management is a master's degree in Logistics Engineering

SUTD research learning

Students will work with experts in their own field of study, and after completing their second research paper, they will receive one of the following three master's degrees in their field of study.

The Master of Engineering (Research) is one of the three major areas of concentration

Engineering product development

Engineering system design

Information system technology and design

Profiles of potential candidates

This program is for those who have higher aspirations (not only the pursuit of personal enrichment, but also the pursuit of their academic ability and professionalism), positive, talented, passionate and distinctive people. We are looking for individuals with a wide range of personal and professional experience from diverse cultural and academic backgrounds. For successful scholarship applicants, we may offer a comprehensive scholarship, which includes:

Full tuition at MIT and SUTD

Monthly stipends at MIT and SUTD

Overseas medical insurance

Return economy class air ticket between MIT and SUTD

Application conditions

You should have completed at least 12 years of general education or have taken the college Entrance Examination before applying in order to be considered for admission. Students with strong math and science skills are generally preferred.

If you are applying for admission in the upcoming May, you should get your Gaokao results by the application deadline.

However, if you have completed your final exams in April but test scores are not due out until between April and June, you can apply with three years of high school grades, predicted grades, etc.

You have to take IELTS or TOEFL.

Graduate student

Applicants to the mit-sutd Dual Master's program should have:

1. Bachelor's degree in engineering or science or equivalent.

2. Qualified GRE or GMAT scores.

The GRE DI Code is 7398

GMAT * Code pnb-gl-03 (SCM) or pnb-gl-80 (SDM)

* Only available for Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Systems Design and Management (SDM) courses

3. Good command of English.

If English is not the language of instruction in your undergraduate studies, IELTS is required.

4. Cover letters

You can explain your experience, research interests, and passion for learning. We want students to describe how they will learn at MIT and how they will apply this knowledge to their research when they return to SUTD (3000 words).

Also, please check the MIT website for application requirements for the course you will be studying.

We will use a comprehensive evaluation system. In addition to academic achievement, we will also assess their maturity, ambition and drive, work experience, English language skills, self-management ability, leadership potential, personal goals and academic ability.


Temasek Research Fellowship (TRF) :

The Temasek Research Fellowship (TRF) is a programme designed to recruit outstanding young researchers for a PhD in science or technology. The program provides young researchers with the opportunity to conduct and lead research that is relevant to defense.

Singapore National Research Foundation (NRF) Scholarships:

The Singapore National Research Foundation Fellowship (NRF) Scholarship will provide attractive funding to outstanding, young scientists and researchers (under the age of 40) to carry out independent, cutting-edge research in Singapore.

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