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School Overview

Singapore Polytechnic (Singapore Polytechnic) or SIT (New University of Technology) is Singapore's first applied learning university, offering professional degree programmes to help graduates become work-ready professionals. SIT's mission is to nurture individuals and innovate with industry to impact the economy and society in meaningful ways, and is committed to being a leader in innovative workplace learning and applied research.

The University's unique pedagogy integrates work and learning, with real learning in real environments through collaboration with key strategic partners. It focuses on applied research with commercial impact and aims to help the industry innovate and grow. When completed in 2024, the university's centralised campus in Punggol will create a fit-for-purpose campus within the larger Punggol Digital zone, where academia and industry will be closely integrated with the community.

Institutional advantages
Enrollment major


Degree program

DigiPen Institute of Technology

Real-time interactive simulation for a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science

Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Game Design

Digital Art and Animation BFA

Bachelor of Game Design

Singapore Institute of Technology

(Hons) Telematics (Intelligent Transportation Systems Engineering)

Bachelor of Physical Therapy from BSc

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Occupational Therapy

BSc (Hons) diagnostic radiography


Sustainable Infrastructure Projects (Land)

Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering (Building Services)

Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Engineering (Hons)

Information and Communication Technology (Information Security) (Hons)

Information and Communication Technology (Software Engineering) (Hons)

Systems Engineering (Electromechanical Systems) (Hons)

B (Hons) Accounting

Hotel business

B (Hons) Food Technology

Technical University of Munich (Technical University of Munich, Germany)

B.S. Chemical Engineering

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Culinary Institute of America

BPS Culinary Management

University of Liverpool

Ba (Hons) Crime and Security

Application conditions

The Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) offers a variety of scholarships to applicants with outstanding academic achievements, leadership potential and other commendable qualities. These scholarships are designed to encourage and motivate students to achieve their aspirations and goals.

SIT strives to be a research temple of choice, a university that rewards excellence and provides higher education. Through partnerships with corporate and private donations, SIT is constantly seeking new scholarship opportunities for students.

SIT Scholarship

Bond Free Scholarship

External scholarship

The Ministry of Education administers scholarships

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