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School Overview

Curtin University of Technology is the largest university in Western Australia and ranked 11th in the 2006 Australian University Research Rankings. Established in 2008, Curtin Singapore offers the same curriculum and content as Curtin Business School (CBS) at its main campus in Australia. Curtin Singapore Campus gives students the opportunity to receive an exceptional education in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Curtin campuses worldwide have a total of 41,300 students from more than 105 countries and territories. Curtin's commitment to academic excellence, innovative and modern teaching methods, and strong links with business, industry, government and the community provide the school with valuable resources to enable students to explore realistic approaches to learning.

Curtin University Singapore provides an Australian model of university education in Singapore for both local and international students. Curtin University is ranked 180th in the 2017 ARWU Academic Ranking of World Universities, ranking among the top 1% of elite universities in the world, and Curtin University Business School is accredited by AACSB as the Best Business School in the world.

Institutional advantages

The campus adopts small class teaching system, all course arrangements, design and teaching plans are from the main campus in Australia, and the teaching quality is no different from that of the university, students can enjoy the same education in Singapore, and the graduation certificate is issued by the Australian campus. The all-Australian academic faculty and diverse international students form an excellent learning environment. In addition, Curtin Singapore students can transfer to either the Perth Campus in Australia or the Malaysia campus to complete part of their degree with "zero conditions".

On 16 May 2018, all of Curtin Singapore's degree programmes were accredited by the Chinese Ministry of Education.

Enrollment major

Undergraduate course

Business School Single Major Business School Double Major School of Arts - Mass Media 3 professional directions

Logistics and Supply Chain Management Banking + Financial Journalism + Marketing

Accounting Accounting + Financial Journalism + Online media

International Business Accounting + Banking Online Media and Marketing

Marketing Finance + Management

Finance Finance + Marketing

Management Management + Marketing

Marketing + Advertising

Management + Human Resources

Logistics and Supply chain Management + Marketing

Graduate student

Master of International Business

Master of Supply Chain Management

Application conditions

1. The first stage of the Diploma course: the average score of the second year of senior high school (Senior two) is not less than 70%, or the average score of the HKCEE is not less than 60%

2. Diploma Program Stage 2: Third year of high school (Senior Year) with an average of at least 70% in academic subjects

3. Bachelor's degree: Pass the National University Entrance Examination (NCEE or College Entrance Examination), requiring a total score of 67% of the maximum score or a score of 322/480, 402/600, 503/750, 543/810 or 603/900

English requirements:

Diploma Stage 1: IELTS 5.0, TOEFL 55

Diploma Level 2: IELTS 5.5, TOEFL 70

Bachelor/Master: IELTS 6.0, TOEFL 80

Bachelor/Master in Health: IELTS 6.5, TOEFL 95

Other information

Learning time

Foundation Course (8 months)

Undergraduate (freshman, sophomore, junior 24 months)

Postgraduate (12 months)

Language class (10 weeks/session), about 17,000 RMB per session

Foundation (First year Diploma Stage 1), 8 months duration, about 69,600 RMB

Freshman year,8 months of duration, tuition is about 89,800 RMB

Bachelor Degree (total 24 months)

Sophomore year,8 months of duration, tuition is about 89,800 RMB

Junior year,8 months of duration, tuition is about 89,800 RMB


Master of International Business, 12 months duration, tuition fee is about 179,400RMB

Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, 12 months duration, tuition fee is about 167,700RMB

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