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School Overview

Founded in 1821, Heriot-Watt University has five campuses worldwide - Edinburgh, the Scottish Borders, Orkney, Dubai and Malaysia - and 53 Accredited Learning Partners (Alps) and Education Partners in 150 countries

We have over 29,000 students studying on our campus and in online distance learning (end of 2017)

A third of current students studying in Scotland come from outside the UK, making Heriot-Watt University one of the most international universities in the UK

The Watt Club is the oldest postgraduate club in the UK and we have over 130,000 alumni in over 190 countries worldwide.

We are the university of choice for business and industry and our graduates are sought after by the best organisations worldwide.

Institutional advantages
Enrollment major

Undergraduate major:

Accounting and Business Law, Accounting and Finance, Applied Language and Translation, Construction Engineering, Automatic Engineering, Structural Engineering, Biology, Business Management and Business Law, Business Management and Marketing, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Chemistry and Raw Materials, Chemistry and Nanotechnology, Computer Science, Computers and Electronics, Construction Project Management, Textile Design, Physics, Psychology, Economics Economics and Marketing, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Energy science and technology, Engineering physics, Engineering, financial mathematics, Financial and Commercial Law, Information systems, International Business Management and Language, Mathematical physics, Numerical Statistics and Insurance Statistics Computational Science, Mathematics and Finance, Mathematics and Psychology, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Energy Engineering, etc.

Graduate major:

Accounting and Finance, Insurance Statistical Computing Science, Advanced Internet Application software, Applied Mathematics, Applied Psychology, Applied Psychology Research, Applied Probability Theory, Architectural Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Civil Engineering and Construction Management, Computer Service Management, Color Science and Technology, Building Processes and Materials, Human Resource Management, Health and Exercise Research, Genetics and Insurance, Marine Life Biodiversity and Biotechnology, Marketing, Microsystems and Photonics, Marketing Strategy, particulate Technology, Pipeline engineering, pure mathematics, safety and risk management, software Engineering, Strategic planning, Strategic Project Management, Systems integration, signal and image processing, Social Studies, Sustainability Studies, Structural Engineering, Systems Engineering, Water Resources and catchment Management, water supply and Drainage, and engineering Comprehensive management of water collection, fermentation research and so on.

Application conditions

The general entry requirements are as follows: To apply for the research programme, a bachelor's degree or equivalent with an upper secondary or outstanding qualification is required;

To apply for a professorial Master's degree, a minimum honours degree or equivalent at a lower intermediate level is required;

Graduate Diploma program entry requires a bachelor's degree;

If you have relevant work experience and academic achievements, but do not have a degree, you may also be admitted to the school as a graduate student, but you need to be chartered by the Senate of the University. This means it will take longer for the school to process your application than it normally does.

English entry requirements:

Undergraduate: IELTS6.5/TOEFL550, individual science and engineering disciplines such as actuarial 5.5+ can be college entrance examination graduation exam average score ≥70

Graduate students: IELTS6.5/TOEFL550, business class requires a bachelor's degree above 6.5 university GPA≥75%


Undergraduate Scholarships:

Undergraduate scholarships offered by the university include tuition waivers, athletic and music scholarships. In addition, eligible students will also receive scholarships from individual independent colleges.

Postgraduate Scholarships:

The University offers substantial postgraduate scholarships for students studying and researching on campus.

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