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School Overview

Officially established in 1900, the University of Birmingham has been pursuing and sharing knowledge through outstanding teaching and world-leading research for more than a century.

We are the original "red brick" university and are part of the prestigious Russell Group of Universities; Our thriving student population enjoys a wide range of courses as well as outstanding campus and research facilities.

Among our staff and alumni are 10 Nobel laureates who have contributed to some of the greatest scientific discoveries, including the recent Higgs boson and gravitational waves. Our research provides innovative solutions to the challenges facing our cities, regions and the globe.

We encourage and empower people to turn ideas into reality and make important things happen.

Institutional advantages

The University of Birmingham campus currently consists of two campuses, the main Edgbaston campus and Selly Oak Campus. Edgbaston campus is recognized as one of the best campuses in the UK. Vale Village on the campus has clear lake water, shady trees and scattered buildings, with a strong ancient century style. The Selly Oak campus is located just 5 miles from downtown in the Garden Strip and covers 80 acres. The campus is planted with a large number of flowers and plants, every Spring Festival competition to open, is the most beautiful season of the year campus.

Enrollment major

Undergraduate courses: Chemistry, Pre-Mathematics, Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Fundamentals of Physics, Fundamentals of Engineering, Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering, Fundamentals of Metallurgy and Materials, etc. Legal Psychology, Contemporary Russian and Eastern European Studies, Advanced Mechanical Engineering, European Studies, German Studies, International Development, Dentistry, Political Science, International Relations, Public Administration, Gender Studies, Health Studies, Clinical Psychology, Medicine, etc

Outstanding courses: Mechanical Engineering, Dentistry, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, English, International Monetary and Banking, Geography, Geology, History, Art history, Architecture and Design, Iberian languages and their Studies, Italian, Middle Eastern and African Studies, Molecular biology, Music, Physics and Astronomy, Russian and Eastern European languages and their Studies, Sociology.

Application conditions


IELTS score above 6.0-6.5;

Toefl: Total score 80, Listening score 21, Other 19 [19]

Education requirements: High school graduate with A grade point average of 80 or above, and completed one year of foundation studies, or have studied in China for one year undergraduate, or passed the UK A-level examination, or have IB results.

Application materials:

Corresponding academic certificate or reading certificate, original or notarized (Chinese and English version)

Academic transcript, original or notarized (Chinese and English versions)

English certificate, original or photocopy, such as IELTS

Graduate student

IELTS score above 6.5-7.0 (above 6.0 in Science and Engineering) [20]

Educational requirements: Bachelor degree and bachelor's degree certificate, the average score of 80-85 points or above.


The University of Birmingham has set up the "Li Siguang Scholarship" named after the famous Chinese alumnus, Mr. Li Siguang, to support Chinese doctoral students with excellent character and academic performance. There is no limitation on the field of study. Prospective applicants must first apply to the University of Birmingham for a PhD degree and then apply to the China Scholarship Council after obtaining admission.

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