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School Overview

Nanyang College of the Arts (NAFA) is a pioneering art college in Singapore, founded in 1938. Over the decades, we have nurtured many diverse, award-winning artistic talents who are now pioneers in their fields.

We offer foundation, diploma and degree programmes through our three faculties as well as overseas partner universities.

All of our students will enjoy a strong industry-led and experiential learning journey in our inspiring arts education. Our curriculum is backed by years of tradition and a strong pedagogy that will ultimately empower our students with the courage to create as they continue to grow through the arts they pursue.

Institutional advantages
Enrollment major

Faculty composition:

The School of Visual Arts offers: pure fine arts, visual communication, interior design, multimedia

Performing Arts School offers: music, dance, drama, performing arts management

Specialty: Fashion design, fashion management and marketing

Faculty Setting:

Department of 3D Design

Department of Arts Management and Education

Department of dance

Department of Design and Media

Department of fashion

Pure fine arts department

Department of music

Department of drama

Application conditions

1, China's second year of high school or above (including secondary school, vocational school) fresh or previous graduates.

2. Pass the entrance examination held by Nanyang Art Institute.

3, the examination subjects are English and professional two subjects.

Note: Design, music (IELTS 5), performance, dance (IELTS 4) are exempted from the English test


Merit-based students can apply for scholarships, and eligible international students can apply for the tuition fee Allowance TGD provided by Singapore's Ministry of Education.

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