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School Overview

East Asia Institute of Management (EAIM) was established in 1984 as an information software company providing professional and vocational training in information technology. The company was reorganized in 2001 to offer degree programs and changed its name to East Asia Business School. In line with our vision to create a world-class educational institution, we set up robust structures, systems and processes from the outset, and established an academic board and examination board to ensure the academic rigor of our courses and the integrity of our examination system. Over the years, EAIM has grown and grown. Today, we are a private education institution (PEI) in Singapore, offering a full suite of undergraduate and research programmes across major disciplines. In addition to our tertiary and advanced tertiary programmes, we also offer bachelor's and Master's degree programmes in partnership with UK universities. Our range of courses includes hospitality and tourism management, business management, accounting, finance, business information systems, marketing, medical biosciences, psychology, etc.

In December 2009, the Private Education Council was established under the Private Education Act and EAIM was one of the first few PEIs to receive the 4-year Education Trust accreditation. In the past few years, the school has successfully renewed the ERF and EduTrust accreditation, having completed the renewal four times in a row until 2026.

If you have the desire to succeed, then your learning journey with us will be a productive and colorful experience. We are confident that the transnational and employability focused education you receive at EAIM will provide you with the 4 Cs for professional success - to be a creative, capable, confident and engaged graduate.

Institutional advantages
Enrollment major

1 East Asia Institute of Management, Singapore

1) QueenMargaret University (QMU)

Founded in 1875, it is a government public university in the United Kingdom with a long history. She had a profound and special impact on Scottish higher education. Not only through direct and close integration with society, it focuses on researching urgent issues of current social needs. At the same time, it also shows her rapid adaptation to the rapid development of the field of higher education and outstanding social achievements. QMU established a strategic partnership with EASB in 2001 to enable more Asian students to study in Singapore and experience the same quality of UK university education.

2) Edinburgh Business School, Harwat University (EBS)

Edinburgh Business School (EBS) is one of the 100 universities in the UK to receive a Royal Charter and is located in Edinburgh, Scotland. It's a graduate school at Heriot-Watt University. The main objective of the School is to provide a range of practical management postgraduate courses in the field of business and management for individual students or employees of major companies. These include the world's most popular MBA programme. The program has more than 15 years of history and has more than 10,000 graduates. EBS is based on the academic requirements of Heriot-Watt University and is governed by a committee of academic and business leaders, led by Sir Bob Reid, a former chief executive of Shell and British Rail.

3) Cardiff Metropolitan University, Wales (UWIC)

The University of Wales is a joint university, established in 1893 by the Royal Charter of the United Kingdom, consisting of six universities and two colleges, which undertake the main teaching and research tasks of the University of Wales. The University of Wales is the accreditation and management body for the degree certificates issued by its branch schools and dozens of member colleges inside and outside the UK, and has a greater international influence. The University of Wales has a total number of 80,000 students, and is the second largest university alliance in the United Kingdom after the University of London, and the current president is Prince Charles of the United Kingdom. The teaching and research of all the branches are ranked very high in the UK universities. Among them, Cardiff Metropolitan University is particularly significant, ranking seventh out of 106 universities in the UK's "Research Capability Assessment". Cardiff Metropolitan University of Wales (UWIC) is a member of the prestigious Welsh University Alliance, attracting 8,000 students from 40 different countries, including the UK, including around 350 foreign students. UWIC has a long history of providing professional or career-focused high quality programmes and has a number of internationally recognised research efforts. There are 13 internationally renowned academic centers of excellence, and 10 programs are rated Excellent. About Cardiff Metropolitan University, Wales (UWIC) Cardiff Metropolitan University, Wales, United Kingdom.

4) University of Southern Queensland (USQ)

The University of Southern Queensland is one of the earliest universities in Australia to carry out international education. Since its establishment in 1967, it has won a worldwide reputation for its high-quality courses and flexible, innovative forms of learning. The Faculty's academic researchers and programs have always attracted high national and international attention. The survey shows that USQ graduates give a high rating to the standard of university education, enabling students to obtain internationally recognized educational qualifications. It is a truly student-centered university that emphasizes the learning experience and individual needs. Provide students with high quality education in a friendly learning and living environment. USQ's flexible educational channels are a core element of its educational model. USQ has a College of Humanities, a College of Business and Economics, a College of Education, a College of Engineering and Surveying, and a College of Science. The school has about 26,000 students and more than 9,000 international students from more than 120 countries.

2 East Asia Institute of Management, Singapore

1) English learning courses

ETEDP Certificate in Business English, East Asia Institute of Management (1/2/3)

2) Business study courses

Business certificate

Associate degree in Business Administration

Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management

Higher Diploma in Business Administration (General Management)

Higher Diploma in Business Administration (Marketing)

Higher Diploma in Business Administration (International Business)

Higher Diploma in Business Administration (Human Resource Management)

Higher Diploma in Business Management (Enterprise Skills)

Advanced associate degree in Accounting and finance

Advanced Diploma in Tourism Management

Advanced College Diploma in Hotel Management

3) Computer learning courses

Diploma in computer science

Advanced associate Degree in Computer science

Advanced Associate Diploma in electronic Commerce

4) NCC Computer courses

International Diploma in Computer Science

International Advanced Diploma in Computer Science

5) Cambridge Course

Business/Tourism /ICT Standard Level Certificate

Business/Tourism /ICT Standard Level Diploma

Diploma in Project Management (Vocational Level)

Certificate in Administration (Vocational level)

Diploma in Administration (higher vocational level)

Bachelor of International Business Management from the University of Northumbria

For the small cost of studying abroad, you can get an internationally recognized EASB diploma on par with foreign universities

Through EASB's sister company, ITTEL International Search Limited, EASB graduates are offered employment arrangements as well as career building

EASB has established partnerships and alliances with a wide range of schools and professional bodies

East Asia School of Management, Singapore Advantages:

1) Bachelor Degree in Hotel and Tourism Management

The rapid development of leisure tourism in the past decade has led to an inevitable global expansion of the hotel and tourism industry, thus making a significant contribution to the domestic and global economy. It also creates a need for well-trained, innovative managers. The main aim of the Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management programme is to provide students with a comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge covering all major areas of hospitality and tourism management. Upon successful completion of the program, students are eligible for admission to any Master of Business Administration at the East Asia School of Management.

2) Bachelor of Business Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management is designed to provide students with sound theoretical and practical knowledge of all important logistics and supply chain related fields. Students learn skills applicable to business forecasting, quantitative and heuristic problem solving, logistics, quality management, developing decision support, scheduling and control systems. Upon completion of the degree, students are eligible to enter any master's degree program at the East Asia School of Management.

3) Bachelor of Psychological Studies (Hons)

Psychology is one of the fastest growing disciplines in universities around the world and is increasingly used in the field of social services. As the pace of the world economy quickens and social complexity increases, there is an urgent need for qualified psychological practitioners in Singapore. UWIC and EASB have collaborated to develop this psychology course to alleviate the demand for this vocational skill in Singapore. Upon successful completion of this programme, students are eligible for a Bachelor of Psychological Studies (Hons).

4) Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons)

The course will develop students' key skills and career development as managers in commercial organisations. Students are expected to work in the fields of administration, advertising, market research, sales management, production management, customer service, public relations and general business management. The main aim of the three-year Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) programme is to provide students with a comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge in all major areas of business. Upon successful completion, students are eligible for admission to any of the East Asia School of Management's Master's degree programs.

5) Master of Business Administration degree

Edinburgh Business School is a graduate business school of Harwat University. EBS's MBA programme is world-renowned, with more than 9,000 MBA students in 150 countries, and 8,500 graduates in more than 150 countries in the world to hold senior positions, start their own businesses or work for large companies. In recognition of the school's educational success and widespread recognition, the programme was awarded the Royal Award for Output Achievement in 1994 and again in 1999. The course is written by Pulitzer Prize winners with experience as senior business consultants. Upon successful completion of the program, students will be eligible to apply for any doctoral program at the East Asia School of Management.

Application conditions

College Preparatory Courses:

Graduated from junior high school or senior high school

Ielts 6 or pass EASB Business English Level 3

At least 16 years old

First year undergraduate courses:

High school diploma or equivalent

Ielts 6 or pass EASB Business English Level 3

At least 17 years old

Master Program:

Bachelor's degree or college degree with two or more years of relevant work experience

Ielts 6 or pass EASB Business English Level 3


One of the evaluation methods is to evaluate about 10 scholarship winners each year from the first and second year undergraduate students in school according to their graduation examination results. The winner will be provided with a scholarship of 75% of the second year tuition fee or 50% of the third year tuition fee;

The second assessment method: is selected from the new applicants, since the current college entrance examination results reached the second batch of undergraduate admission line stipulated by the Chinese state, the 12-year ordinary high school graduates will be eligible to apply for the scholarship examination held by the college, including English and mathematics. Students with excellent results in the two exams will directly receive a scholarship of 70% of the tuition fees for all three years of undergraduate study (including English).

In addition, the School's annual Single Subject Excellence Award will be awarded to the best students in each department in the individual examination of each subject, encouraging students to study hard and strive for progress.

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