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School Overview

Our early history dates back to the merger of five separate colleges into Birmingham City Polytechnic in 1971.

In 2007, the university changed its name to Birmingham City University and adopted a new logo, a redesign of the tiger badge used by the University of Central England at Birmingham, which itself originally came from the Birmingham Business School Institution, one of the founders of Birmingham Polytechnic.

Since 2011, the University has made significant investments in its properties and facilities to create a campus fit for the future. Three major new developments have emerged on the downtown campus: the Parkside Building for Design and Media Students, which opened in 2013; The Curzon building houses business, law and social science courses, as well as a new library, IT and student support facilities opened in 2015; Our new Music building for the Royal Birmingham Conservatory of Music opened in 2017. A new expansion at our City South campus opened in 2018 to house education, sports and life sciences programs.

Institutional advantages
Enrollment major

Undergraduate courses: Animation Production, Architectural Design, Art Design, Fashion Design, Fine Arts, Accounting, Business, Computer Science, Electronic Engineering, Information and Communication Technology, Structural Science, Landscape Architecture and Design, Child and Professional Nursing, Preschool Education, Primary Education, Automation Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Radiology, Health and Social Care, Health and Nutrition Science, etc .

Postgraduate Courses: Architecture, Architectural Design, Curatorial Design, Visual Design, ACCA Course for Chartered Accountants, Master and Doctor of Business, Doctor of Business Administration, Environmental Sustainability Studies, Future Media Studies, Commercial video Game Research and Production, IOS application and Development, Data Network and security, International Logistics and Supply Chain, Construction project Management, Environmental and Spatial Planning, Landscape Architecture Pre-primary and primary education, health and social care, ultrasound medicine, etc.

Application conditions

Undergraduate foundation application requirements

High school graduation

IELTS score requirement: 5.0

High school GPA: 75.0

Undergraduate application

1. Academic requirements: the average score of high school graduation is above 70% and the average score of college entrance examination is above 105; Other International Baccalaureate or related foundation study qualifications

2, English requirements: IELTS 6.0(no less than 5.5); Ielts 6.5 for some majors and media related majors (no less than 5.5 for each)

3, portfolio requirements: Apply for university art, design, architecture, performance, music and other related majors, students need to provide professional portfolio, or attend an interview

Postgraduate application requirements

IELTS score required: 6.0

College GPA: 75.0

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