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School Overview

In 1923, with a donation from Walter Buchanan, a Chair in Agriculture was established at Victoria University College, Wellington. A year later, the University College of Auckland created the School of Agriculture.

In February 1926, Victoria University College and Auckland University College abandoned their respective agricultural colleges. The two schools were merged under the New Zealand Agricultural Colleges Act 1926. In 1927, the college was renamed Massey Agricultural College in honor of William Ferguson Massey.

It was formally established on 20 March 1928 as a fully constituent college of the University of New Zealand.

Institutional advantages

Massey University provides a full set of learning and recreational facilities, including computer LABS, libraries, recreation centers, restaurants, and medical, health, job search and other consulting services. The commercial area of the campus has bookstores, post offices, banks, cafes, hairdressers, pharmacies and travel agencies. In addition, student associations and various sports and cultural clubs often host colorful activities.

Enrollment major

Subject 2023 QS rankings

Veterinary Medicine 28

Development Studies 29

Agroforestry 60

Communication and Media Research 51-100

Art and Design 101-150

Nursing 101-150

Geography 101-150

Architecture/Built environment 151-200

Accounting and Finance 201-250

Education 201-250

Psychology 251-300

Sociology 251-300

Environmental Science 301-350

Business and Management Research 301-350

Economics and Econometrics 301-350

Engineering - Chemistry 351-400

Biological Sciences 401-450

Chemistry 451-500

Computer Science and Information systems 601-650

Application conditions

Business Direction:

Academic undergraduate score above B- in any major

Language IELTS 6.5 average score of 6

Engineering Direction:

Academic: Bachelor's degree in related majors average B or above

Language: IELTS 6.5 average score of 6


Massey Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to the top 5% of students who have completed their first bachelor's degree at each college, and the winning graduate will be awarded the title of "Massey Scholar" without application.

Scholarship amount: up to 4000NZ$

Massey University Doctoral Scholarship

This scholarship is aimed at students who have been or are eligible for full-time doctoral studies at Massey University. Generally, students are required to work 40-50 hours per week with A GPA of 7.0 or above or a graduate grade point average of A or above. Applicants are required to submit an application form.

Scholarship amount: N25,000 $

Application deadlines are July 1 and October 1 each year

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