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School Overview

In 1964, 122 students, attracted by its bold vision, came to the UK for their first year at the University of Essex. Over the next five years, nearly 100,000 students from more than 140 countries have graduated and, inspired by the inquisitive and ambitious Essex spirit, they continue to contribute to the world.

Institutional advantages
Enrollment major

Accounting, Accounting and Finance, Performing Arts, Banking Finance, Biochemistry, Biological Sciences, Biomedicine, Business Administration, Computer Science, Criminology, Drama, Economics, Electrical Engineering, English Linguistics, English Education, English Literature, Film and Television, Finance, Health Science, History, Humanities, International Relations, Latin American Literature Studies, Law, Linguistics, Marketing, Mathematics, Modern Linguistics, Language Education, Nursing, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology, Sociology, Criminology, Sports Science, Accounting and Management, Accounting and Economics, Applied Ecology, Biochemistry, etc.

Application conditions

Bachelor: Freshman or pre-college graduate; Ielts: 6.0 or above.

Students whose English scores are lower than the minimum requirements of the school can first undergo language enhancement at the English teaching Center of the school.

Popular courses for Chinese students:

University Foundation (International Foundation)

It is designed for overseas students who have graduated from high school or secondary school and cannot be directly admitted to British universities due to different education systems or English language barriers. Divided into business, social science, computer, law four directions; Admission is in September each year. Students who pass the foundation study may enter the university for undergraduate study.


The ORS Scholarship, which pays the difference between overseas tuition fees and home tuition fees for outstanding overseas research students, can be applied for in conjunction with the University's other scholarships, but it does not include travel and other expenses. The University nominates candidates on the basis of recommendations by the department of the subject. The candidate should have an interest in conducting research and submit an application by mid-January.

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