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School Overview

The University of Sunderland is a public research-oriented university with its main campus located in Sunderland, northeastern England. As one of the top 50 comprehensive universities in the UK, it has achieved excellence in research, teaching, student satisfaction, and graduate employment in the UK.

The University of Sunderland is a vibrant and comprehensive national university, renowned for its high-quality teaching. It has been named the "Best Modern New University in England" by the authoritative British media "The Guardian". The university was established in 1860 and is a public new type of university, rated by the Times and its superiors as the best new university in England.

The University of Sunderland ranks first in the latest UK university research evaluation and UK government teaching level evaluation. The University of Sunderland was named the best emerging university in the UK as of May 2001 in the Guardian University Guide; The Times named the University of Sunderland the best emerging university in the UK for researchers in December 2001. Many of our teachers are regarded as authoritative experts in the industry, recognized domestically and internationally, and our university also has 10 research disciplines rated as "world-class".

Institutional advantages

1. High school direct recording

High school graduates who meet the conditions can directly apply for direct enrollment

2. Overseas student status, worry free for further education

Upon enrollment, students register for Sunderland status, and the teaching method adopts a small class interactive teaching mode that is different from traditional Chinese teaching methods. They enjoy the high-level curriculum system of Sunderland University, fully leveraging their autonomy in learning. After passing domestic grades, they can be directly promoted to foreign universities for academic and master's degrees

3. Combined undergraduate and master's studies

After obtaining an undergraduate degree, students can directly advance to a master's degree, and the master's program lasts for one year, which greatly saves time compared to a 3-year master's program in China

4. Degree Certification Guarantee

Students who have obtained a bachelor's degree certificate from a foreign university and a master's degree certificate are recognized both domestically and internationally. After graduating with both bachelor's and master's degrees, they can enjoy the benefits of returning to their home country. After graduating with a master's degree, they can apply for a 2-year work visa in the UK

Enrollment major

Master of Business Administration

Duration: 12 months

Tuition fee: S $27,864.00

Master of Science

Duration: 12 months

Tuition fee: S $25,164.00

MSC in Tourism and Hospitality Management

Duration: 12 months

Tuition fee: S $23,544.00

International Tourism and Hotel Management (BSC Hons)

Duration: 9 months

Tuition fee: SGD 20,520.00

Business and Marketing (BA Hons)

Duration: 9 months

Tuition fee: S $24,300.00

Business Administration (BA Hons)

Duration: 18 months

Tuition fee: S $27,864.00

Media, Culture and Communication (BA Hons)

Duration: 27 months

Tuition fee: S $37,260.00

Fashion Products and Marketing (BA Hons)

Duration: 27 months

Tuition fee: S $38,880.00

Application conditions

Enrollment target

Chinese Mainland students/Overseas Chinese from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan/Overseas Chinese

Application materials

1. High school diploma

2. Transcript of senior high school courses

3. Ielts 6.0(no less than 5.5 points in each item)/ TOEFL IBT 75 points (listening 17 points, reading 18 points, speaking 20 points, writing 18 points)/ equivalent English leve

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