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School Overview

James Cook University Singapore campus is wholly owned by Australia's James Cook University, which is ranked in the top 2% of the world 1. James Cook University Australia established its Singapore campus in 2003 as part of its stated intention to internationalise its activities, and offers a range of university-level courses at the Singapore campus covering areas such as business, information technology, psychology, education, science, business, accounting, aquaculture, environmental science, game design, tourism and hospitality management. James Cook University offers research-oriented higher degree programs such as Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Philosophy and pathways to higher degrees.

In addition, the campus offers college preparatory programs specifically designed to provide a pathway for students who are unable to immediately meet college admission standards.

James Cook University Singapore campus is located on Sims Drive. The campus provides students with a full range of facilities and services to support their studies. These include lecture and seminar rooms, libraries and related learning facilities, computer laboratories, aquaculture research and teaching facilities, finance laboratories, and various sports facilities.

James Cook University Intercampus Exchange Program *

James Cook University offers students the opportunity to study in Singapore and Australia, but still pay fees in Singapore currency as a Singaporean student. This is a unique program designed to ensure that students achieve the best possible outcomes over the years of studying at universities across two countries.

Education Trust Star

James Cook University has the highest level of quality assurance for private education institutions in Singapore. This is known as the "Education Trust Star" and is a symbol of recognition for outstanding achievement. EduTrust Star is awarded to institutions that have achieved commendable performance in managing their institutions and in providing students with exceptional educational quality and welfare.

James Cook University is the first organization to receive the Education Trust Star. James Cook University won the award for the third time in 2023, demonstrating its commitment and focus as a student-centred educational institution.

SQC Star

James Cook University has also been awarded the Singapore Quality Grade STAR (SQC STAR). SQC STAR recognizes SQC organizations that have made further progress on their journey to business excellence.

Tropical futures institute

Given that research is a core component of the University, James Cook University has established the Tropical Futures Institute to leverage the University's research capabilities and strength to create substantial added value to the research ecosystem in Singapore and the ASEAN region. The Tropical Futures Institute is the first institute established by an Australian university in Singapore.

James Cook College

Established in 2021, James Cook College is a wholly owned subsidiary of James Cook University Singapore, marking the university's entry into Continuing Professional Development (CPD). This includes Industry 4.0 as well as short courses and training programmes in areas suited to the needs of Singapore's workforce and community.

To support this mission, James Cook College has acquired Eagle Infotech, which offers a wide range of short courses in information technology, digital marketing, communications and more to help working adults upgrade their skills and remain relevant and employable in today's changing environment. Change the world.

James Cook College will support Eagle Infotech in further diversifying its curriculum and delivery model to deliver flexible and personalised courses, and will work with industry partners and leverage EdTech to grow CPD business in Singapore and the region.

Institutional advantages

1.Sims Drive Campus

Sims Drive campus has modern teaching facilities, the entire campus covered with wireless network, to meet the needs of modern teaching, to bring convenience to students in school study and life. The new campus has more than 30 modern electronic teaching classrooms, libraries, auditoriums, basketball courts, football fields, badminton courts, student lounges, restaurants, cafes, etc. JCU's heavily invested new campus strives to give students a new, friendly, high-tech and modern teaching environment.

2.Ang Mo Kio Campus

Ang Mo Kio Campus offers students a wide range of facilities and services to support their studies. Facilities include lecture halls and seminar rooms, a fully equipped library, computer LABS, leisure rooms and various sports facilities. All courses are registered with the Council for Private Education (Registration number: 200100786K) and the teaching activities of jcu Singapore are overseen by EduTrust.


Singapore is an island in the ocean, so it has a tropical Marine climate, but Singapore's geographical location is in the north of the equator, so it has become an equatorial type of tropical rainforest climate. Here, the temperature is very high, the average monthly temperature is between 24 and 27 degrees Celsius, so like sunbathing friends can enjoy a good time here, I believe that the sunshine here will make you feel the warmth from the bottom of your heart. Singapore, which does not have typhoons, has a lot of rainfall, with an annual rainfall of about 2,400 millimeters. Although there is a lot of rain, but it can not change the high temperature in the territory of Singapore is stuffy, the temperature is hot and humid I don't know some friends will not be used to it. But fortunately, the sultry temperature is not like this all day, under normal circumstances, the sultry temperature is in the morning ten to three o 'clock in the afternoon this time period. The morning and evening are pleasantly cool under the breeze of the sea, when you will find that the temperature in Singapore can be so comfortable. At this time, the temperature will be unconsciously reduced to 20 degrees, so friends who do not like stuffy can use this time to play well. Therefore, the beautiful and warm Singapore is the most beautiful paradise for children who like the sun and swim, and for friends who don't like the heat and can't accept the direct exposure of the sun, it will be a great challenge, but because of the early morning and evening, these friends will not suffer.

Singapore is not only sunny, here the rain is also very abundant, here is almost the shadow of rain all the year round, especially between October and March each year, is Singapore's rainy season, and in June to August is relatively dry dry season. The highest daily temperature here is about 30 degrees, which is relatively low compared to other tropical countries.

Singapore's climate has two distinct monsoon seasons. The wet December to March is the northeast monsoon here. The dry months of June to September are dominated by the southwest monsoon. During these two monsoons, there are alternating months of monsoon, and in the alternating months of monsoon, the weather can be said to be changeable, with hot sunshine in the morning and frequent thundershowers in the afternoon to evening.

Enrollment major

1. James Cook University Singapore Campus:


Business studies

Preparatory course


Environmental science

Game design



Tourism and Hotel Management

2. James Cook University Singapore Campus:

Language course 8 months, 2 months/level:

.Basic English (Level 1)

Elementary English (Level 2)

.Intermediate English (Level 3)

.Advanced English (Level 4)

Certificate (Foundation) Program:

Business Training Course (8 months)

English Summer camp course

Degree courses:

· Undergraduate Foundation Course (8 months)

· Bachelor of Tourism Management (2 years)

· Bachelor Degree in Marketing (2 years)

· Bachelor Degree in Management and Entrepreneurship (2 years)

· Bachelor Degree in International Business (2 years)

· Bachelor Degree in Tourism Management (2 years)

· Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Bachelor of Psychology (3 years), Bachelor of Honours (2 years)

· Bachelor Degree in Information Technology (2 years)

· Preparatory Course for Master's Degree in Information Technology (6 months)

· Master of Business Administration (1 year)

· Master's Degree in Information Technology (1 year)

· Master's Degree in International Tourism and Hospitality Management (1 year)

· Master's Degree in Psychology (Clinical) (2 years)

James Cook University Singapore Campus Advantages:

1. Tourism and Hotel management

JCU Singapore Campus is internationally recognized as a pioneer in the tourism and hospitality management education industry. The JCU Tourism program enables students to recognize and understand the professional knowledge of the tourism industry, learn the multidisciplinary skills of the tourism profession and the economic and environmental factors. Thus, it can be applied in the current global local and international integrated recreation and leisure management work. To lay a solid foundation for students to improve their professional ability in practical work.

Employment situation: With the changes in the market demand for international students in Singapore, as well as the shift of economic focus in Singapore, the hotel and tourism industry will become a pillar industry in Singapore. Known as the Garden city, Singapore is not only the economic, financial and tourism center of Southeast Asia and the busiest port in the world, but also has many scenic spots, star-rated hotels and resort facilities, so Singapore's hotel and tourism industry is quite developed. In recent years, Singapore has been hosting worldwide exhibitions and events. In 2010, Singapore built the largest casino and integrated resort (IR) in Southeast Asia. This will create more than 60,000 jobs. According to the Singapore Tourism Board survey, the current Singapore hotel tourism industry management and grassroots staff shortages have appeared in the harbinger.

2. Marketing

Marketing is an applied science based on economic science, behavioral science, management science and modern science and technology. The research object of marketing is the process and regularity of enterprise marketing activities centered on meeting consumer demand. The research content of marketing is comprehensive, practical and applied. Through the teaching of this course, students should master the basic theories, basic knowledge, basic skills and methods of marketing in a comprehensive and systematic way, and fully understand the importance of strengthening enterprise marketing management under the background of economic globalization. To understand the basic procedures and methods of analyzing marketing environment, researching market purchasing behavior, formulating marketing mix strategy, organizing and controlling marketing activities, and cultivate and improve the practical ability of correctly analyzing and solving marketing management problems, so that students can better adapt to the needs of marketing management practice.

Employment situation: Graduates have a wide range of employment options, and students can be engaged in jobs such as: marketing manager, customer service manager, international marketing consultant, advertising specialist, market research, customer service manager, marketing consultant, public relations manager, sales manager, international marketing consultant, etc.

Application conditions

Undergraduate course

After finishing Grade two, IELTS 5.5; Finished IELTS 6 in senior year


Education requirements: Bachelor's degree

Language requirement: 6.5 No less than 6.0 for a single subject (some majors have higher language requirements)


JCU Singapore Campus offers scholarships to students who are studious, have achieved outstanding results or have received special recognition. JCU Singapore Education Council allocates 10% of its education funds each year for scholarships to award international students. The purpose of this scholarship is to encourage students to establish a diligent learning atmosphere on campus, so that students will be more competitive in the future resume and gain more opportunities in the future career.

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